when life gives birth to a parent, the planet is refreshed


What We Know

  • All Children have the right and capacity to learn
  • Each Child is unique and special and is born with a purpose to excel.
  • The Parent is the most significant person in a Child’s life.

The Mission

picture-12the primary educator for all children is the parent. the parent is the supposed complete teacher for the child. in the mind of the child, the parent knows all, and at most times seems perfect, even when they too, question their own selves. the life of a parent is forever. there’s no natural legal termination limit for a parent. the door does not close. their lives remain open. there’s this lifelong connection between the parent and child. they naturally desire to please each other, irrespective to whatever it is they say. sometimes life presents situations and circumstances where this connection becomes interrupted or one or both experience incompleteness. the parent academy recognizes this possibility.

learning is also forever. learning is a way that parents and children communicate. each learns from the other. the sharing or exchange sometimes is subtle, and difficult for the present eye to see, and the burdened soul to speak. regardless, learning goes on anyway. parents want to offer learning that serves to protect the child, and the child offers learning to demonstrate their understanding, love, and gain for acceptance and approval. the parent academy recognizes this possibility also.

parents are people, and sometimes their condition where they parent a child by themselves. sometimes the parent is very young, and feels alone, unskilled, and very frightened. they must find a way. inherently, they will, but the journey may be difficult. a father wants to be helpful, but feels extremely uncomfortable learning with a child. no one has taught him. sometimes a mother feels uncomfortable learning with a child. no one has taught her. both have to guess their way. the parent academy recognizes this possibility also.