when life gives birth to a parent, the planet is refreshed


this site is all about the central wonder of life; parents.  everything that has to do with being a parent, parenting, being a son or daughter, or older or younger, is found here.  this site is going to take some time to express the idea of all those attributes of living with folks in family.  this is a tough write. no joke.  at the same time, it’s an enjoyable and worthwhile journey.  there are other blogs that i write, and there are tons of experiences that families share, so let’s be about this business of sharing, after all, this ride is free, but not without some degree of responsibility.  “the more you know, the more you owe.”  i write. i edit. i teach. i feel.  i experience. and so do you.  some anecdotes are really fun and helpful.  some aren’t, yet teach from a different perspective.  i teach multicultural education, and cultural diversity.  i’m an adjunct professor at a small commuter university locate in alameda, california.  and that’s fine.  i am more a father of 5.  yep, 5 !   three boys and two girls.  they are family.  they are my family.  i am, an have been, a single dad for over 20 years, and will be for the rest of my life. they have a mother, but don’t see her much. she lives in another country and it’s difficult for her to travel the distance. they’ve visited her.  these kids are 21st century people, with old world wisdom.  they are open people.  no stigmas.  stigmas get in the way of real time joy and acceptance of the full person.  see, i told you they were outstanding folks, and they are my family.


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