when life gives birth to a parent, the planet is refreshed


i’ve authored so many themes and in various areas that often i even confuse them.   working with parents these days, i notice a theme that threads through many cultures, irrespective to ethnicity, social status, occupation, and family status:  “the child and the parent are born at the same time.” there are so many people who give birth to someone and know very little about what to do for the newborn, or even greater, what to do for themselves.  they are lost.  some are fortunate to have a professional parent somewhere in the neighborhood, at work, in the family that everyone refers to, or a beloved partner in this birthing, growing a child relationship.  but for the most of us, we don’t have a clue.  sadly, we don’t.  even if we have read the books, attended classes, or listened to a circle of journeywomen talking, we still rise up unaware.  that’s so unfortunate.  little people are wonderful, and through some miraculous process they become middle sized people, and one day transform into big sized people.  what’s 24 years of age ?  how fast did it take for us to climb those steps to adulthood ?  24 years huh.  that went fast, but not without headaches, but there were some blessed periods that traveled along.  more to come……


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